Doc Rivers: "We are not ready to win"

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Doc Rivers: "We are not ready to win"

Doc Rivers, Philadelphia 76ers coach, admitted that the team is still unable to compete to win. He explained: "I've been through moments like that before and honestly we're not ready to win yet. We just aren't. We realize that and we have a lot of work to do.

we said OK, now we win the others easy. But it's not like that: you have to go out on the pitch and earn the victories. PJ Tucker shouted it after the game: no one will give us a game. Defensively we were slow, always one step behind.

Offensively we don't find any rhythm. We always end up shooting in the last seconds of the action, which with the team we have shouldn't happen. I want to see more triples, I want to see more counterattacks, I want to see more players in the paint.

more than three is that: we do not push in the open field because we do not put together two good defensive actions in a row. It is not a question of clarity of roles, but of spacing. We have an action for Joel at the elbow or where there should be only one player in the corner and the other three on the weak side.

In the final match with the Bucks instead we had two on the strong side closing the way for the basket, forcing him to shoot from the dribble. Both times it was new players who made that mistake, despite having tried that action 50 times in training.

Those are the things you get wrong at first, but you can improve on over time." Embiid added: "It started when we were in Los Angeles and this pain came out of nowhere, and over time it got so bad that I couldn't walk anymore.

I'm still trying to recover: arriving at the training camp I couldn't do anything for two months, so it slowed me down a lot. I'm still working to get back to my level and I hope everything is back to normal, but I'm fine.

There is no need to find excuses. In defense we need to be more connected: we are not defending well, and it's our fault. It will take some time to get everyone on the same page, but don't worry about the slow start. The team is quite new: we'll find a way."