Kevin Durant weighs in on Zion Williamson's performance versus Nets


Kevin Durant weighs in on Zion Williamson's performance versus Nets

Kevin Durant said Zion Williamson "looked healthy" to him as he acknowledged that the New Orleans Pelicans star had a great performance. On Wednesday night, the Brooklyn Nets hosted the Pelicans. It didn't go well for the Nets, who were blown out with a 130-108 score.

Williamson, who missed the entire last season due to a foot surgery, scored 25 points and grabbed nine rebounds. "He looked healthy to me, he looked good," Durant said, per ESPN. "Got up 22 shots, nine rebounds, 25 points.

At this point it's just typical for him." After his first game in over a year, Williamson said there's still room for him to improve. "It's a lot of room for improvement," he said. "I'm still learning my teammates. Now we get real in-game reps.

I'm just excited to grow."

Williamson, Brandon Ingram & CJ McCollum took care of the business

The Pelicans' star trio showed up on Wednesday night in Brooklyn. Brandon Ingram scored a team-high 28 points, while McCollum had 21 points.

"I said it before in interviews and I wasn't just saying it because it sounded good, I said it because I meant it," Williamson said. "All three of us run unselfish and we all have the same goal, and that's to win. And when you want to win, you put aside personal goals or personal things.

Whatever I got to do, whatever they got to do to win, that's what we all going to do." Even though Williamson played well on Wednesday night, he acknowledged there was some rust to dust off. "Yeah, there are some shots where I'm like, 'Well that's good' and when it rolls out I'm like, 'No way.'

But my teammates are there for me," Williamson said. "They just tell me to stay aggressive, keep attacking and just be myself. So I mean, they're in my corner so my confidence is going to stay high." Ingram, who also had seven rebounds and five assists, was happy with how he, Williamson, and McCollum started.

"When you have smart players and talent out there, it's easier to go out there and just play the game," Ingram said. "It was good to see a lot of one-on-ones that they couldn't be in a lot of help on the defensive end where we had shooters and we had different guys that can make players on the basketball floor."

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