Russell Westbrook responds to Charles Barkley's comments about him

Barkley feels it's time for Westbrook to find a new home.

by Dzevad Mesic
Russell Westbrook responds to Charles Barkley's comments about him

Russell Westbrook says he is keeping a positive spirit after Charles Barkley stated that the Los Angeles Lakers took the joy out ouf Westbrook's life and basketball. On Tuesday night, the Lakers kicked off their 2022/23 NBA campaign.

During TNT's broadcast, Barkley - who now serves as an NBA analyst - said it's time for Westbrook to get a fresh start elsewhere. "You know how I feel about Russell Westbrook," Barkley said on TNT. "I admire him. I respect him.

It's time for the Lakers to move him. They have taken all his joy out of life and basketball. This guy used to be so exuberant and play with great energy and great emotion, I think the wear and tear mentally last year, starting this year.

And the thing is, he's going to get the blame no matter what, because the Lakers ain't a championship contender. I think he needs a fresh start, I think the Lakers need a fresh start, because they're not contenders."

Westbrook responds to Barkley's comments

"You know, man, I'm super blessed and leaning a lot on my faith," Westbrook said.

"So, I have a lot of great friends and family, good people in my corner that support me through thick and thin, and when I have God in my corner, it doesn't really matter what happens outside of that. I stay on course, stay focused, stay locked in.

That's all I can ask. Everything else that comes around it, I'll continue doing what I'm doing, stay locked in on my craft and everything else will take care of itself." Meanwhile, Westbrook had a solid performance versus the Golden State Warriors.

In the Lakers' 123-109 loss to the Warriors, Westbrook finished with a double-double of 19 points and 11 rebounds. Westbrook shot well from the field as he knocked down 7-of-12 of his shots and also went 4-of-5 from the free-throw line.

After starting off the bench in the Lakers' preseason finale, Westbrook was a member of the team's starting unit versus the Warriors. Afterward, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham suggested he doesn't want the Lakers to be a team with an inconsistent starting lineup.

"We don't want to be one of those teams, where teams are swaying according to who their opponent is starting," Ham said. It remains to be seen if the Lakers will decide at some point to have Westbrook come off the bench.

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