Kyrie Irving addresses his contract situation

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Kyrie Irving addresses his contract situation

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving suggests he is not really concerned about his contract situation as he is optimistic everything will turn out just fine if he plays his game this season. During his Media Day availability, Irving indicated that he turned down an extension from the Nets worth over $100 million.

Going into the new season, Irving is set to earn around $37 million and he is set to be a free agent next summer. Irving, who turned 30 in March, didn't play much last season - but in the games he did play - he showed that he's still one of the best at his position.

"Well, I'm staying patient and letting those things play out, honestly," Irving told ESPN." Because the best thing I can do right now is just build sustainable relationships and be there for people that go on the court and off the court.

And that's going to be a unique task this year. Eliminating those distractions of thinking about things that I know are either in the future or they are not, or hoping -- I don't want to be in that phase. I just want to be present, live every day as God has given it to me and legitimately just have fun with this profession.

It's a heck of a business, ain't it?"

Irving on being in a situation to have to earn his contract

Irving has one year left on his current contract and he will have to ball out this season in order to be offered a max contract by the Nets next summer.

Had Irving accepted the deal he was previously offered by the Nets, he would not have been in this situation now. Going into the final year of his contract, Irving is hoping he and his teammates help each other reach their goals.

"Well, I'm only as great as my team and the individuals that are around me. And they keep me very grounded and balanced in terms of what my goals are, what our goals are, and we focus on those. I can't control the energy that people pour out in terms of my name or what they feel about me, but what I can control is how I show up to my profession and make sure that I'm doing everything that I can to put myself in a great position to lead and be an example.

And not just be somebody that just says a bunch of words and doesn't follow through. And I have great aspirations of leaving a legacy in this league and however many years that takes me is -- that's laid out [ahead of me], but in the meantime, I just want to build with people in this industry and win together," Irving explained.