Kyrie Irving comments on Draymond Green sucker punching Jordan Poole

Green punched Poole during last week's practice.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kyrie Irving comments on Draymond Green sucker punching Jordan Poole

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving has hinted that he has seen similar incidents to the one that happened between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. Last Wednesday, Green sucker-punched Poole during practice. Two days later, someone leaked a video of Green punching Poole to TMZ.

The video drew lots of attention within the NBA community. Irving, who has been in the NBA since 2011, suggests that those things happen in the league. "I'm used to it," Irving told ESPN. "I'm used to everything in basketball.

I'm used to everything in sports. I'm used to everything. There's not any damn surprise for the most part. I've seen it with my dad [former professional player Drederick] as a kid, I've seen it in NBA locker rooms. Men, when it comes to this game, are very passionate, especially in our league.

And when emotions rise like that, anything can happen. The No. 1 thing is protect yourself at all times. But as a teammate for Jordan -- he's a good kid -- we don't expect things like that to happen. And when you see something like that, you feel for a brother because it's like that feeling of empathy of 'If I'm in that moment, what do I do?' And we don't know because we're not Jordan, we're not Draymond.

I pray that Draymond gets what he needs and JP comes back and stays focused and doesn't allow anything to distract him."

Irving, Kevin Durant on Green punching Poole

Durant, who was teammates with Green for several years during his time with the Golden State Warriors, admits the Nets have commented in the locker room the incident that happened during a Warriors practice.

"We can't say we haven't talked about that," Durant said. "That wouldn't be genuine. I think everybody, that was a conversation in everybody's locker room. But what does me exposing that, how does it help the story at all? So we'll keep that to our little conversations in here, just like they're going to keep whatever they're doing under wraps in Golden State." A few years ago, Durant and Green had an incident.

But there were no punches thrown as the two were able to fix their relationship. This time, some believe that there will always be a friction between Green and Poole. Also, the general expectation is that Green will leave the Warriors after this season.

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