Kevin Durant explains how he can help Ben Simmons on offensive side

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Kevin Durant explains how he can help Ben Simmons on offensive side
Kevin Durant explains how he can help Ben Simmons on offensive side (Provided by Sport World News)

Kevin Durant feels the best thing he can do for Ben Simmons is to trust him and be very patient with him. Simmons, who missed the entire 2021/22 season, made his long-awaited return this preseason. In two preseason games, Simmons has played a total of 44 minutes.

So far this preseason, Simmons has 10 points, 14 rebounds, nine assists, and also eight turnovers. But what is striking is the fact that Simmons has been mostly taking the shots only when near the rim. "Just trust in him," Durant said, per ESPN.

"Pass him the ball when he's open, tell him to be aggressive. I don't do too much. I'm not here to be babysitting anybody. Ben knows that if he's got a time to be aggressive, go be aggressive. Who gives a s--- if you make it or miss it? We just like you being aggressive.

[He can] tell me the same thing, so we're always feeding each other that type of energy, encouragement."

Durant: We all have to be aggressive, not just Simmons

The Nets didn't live up to the expectations last season. Going into the new season, they want to prove why they are considered as one of the most talented teams in the league.

"From me, him to [Kyrie Irving], to Cam [Thomas], we're always talking to each other about, 'Look, we need to be more aggressive," Durant said. "Look to score the ball, that's the name of the game, is putting the ball in the hoop.

So when Ben is aggressive and get downhill and look for everybody and then put the ball in the rim it's going to be a plus for our team. But I don't have to tell him this every day, he knows what it is." The reason why Durant feels Simmons will be just fine is because he believes the talented guard just needs games to rediscover his game and rhythm.

"Just playing. Just getting more reps. Just building confidence," Durant said. "He knows that we all trust him, but getting the reps under his belt. It's nothing like playing NBA games, so you can work out and train and play pickup all you want, but there's nothing like playing with the jersey on under them lights." The Nets - led by Durant, Simmons, and Kyrie Irving - are among the top favorites for this year's NBA title.

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