Kyrie Irving explains what Nets will try to change this season

There was a lot of drama surrounding the Nets last season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kyrie Irving explains what Nets will try to change this season

Kyrie Irving says he and his teammates are determined to change the narrative surrounding the Brooklyn Nets and start making the headlines for their play. The Nets, who have been considered among the most talented teams in the NBA for several years now, are coming off a season in which they were mostly making headlines due to on and off-court drama.

Irving was one of the main reasons why there was a lot of drama surrounding the Nets as his vaccine stance and unavailability for home games brought lots of negative attention. Irving still hasn't been vaccinated but he is now allowed to play home games in Brooklyn.

"We want to erase everything that was said about our team the last few years in terms of our weaknesses. We want to turn those into our strengths -- and it starts with developing good practice habits. And going out in the game and not just talking about it and actually doing it," Irving said, per ESPN.

Irving and the Nets want to get back on the right track

Last season was pretty rough for pretty much anyone involved with the Nets. Going into the new season, Irving and company want to enjoy the game and try to win the championship.

"I'm human. We're human. A lot of us have not necessarily played all the games that we would have wanted to -- it's easy again to say we have a chip on our shoulder, but it's a little bit deeper than that. We just want to enjoy playing the game that we love, but play it at a high level where we're not only making our families proud, but we're doing everything we can to make each other good," Irving explained.

After the Nets suffered a 109-80 preseason loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday, Nets had coach Steve Nash said he wasn't happy with his team's approach to the game. Irving had no problems with the comments Nash made post-game.

"Everybody has the space to speak. Everybody's equal here. So anybody, in the film room, wants to ask something, they can and that's the way we approach it. So there was a lot of talking going on in film, we know we can play better.

It is just preseason, but we don't want that to be something that makes us passive. 'Nah, it's just preseason.' We're getting ready for a long journey. Guys are going to be coming at us," Irving said.

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