Draymond Green speaks out after punching Jordan Poole

Green punched Poole during Wednesday's practice.

by Dzevad Mesic
Draymond Green speaks out after punching Jordan Poole

Draymond Green admitted that he was wrong in punching Jordan Poole and noted that the whole situation was embarrassing for all parties involved. On Wednesday, it was reported that Green punched Poole during a practice. Two days later, someone leaked to TMZ Sports the video of Green punching Poole.

The video quickly went viral as many current and former NBA players were stunned after seeing the video of Green sucker punching Poole in a practice. "No. 1, I was wrong for my actions. There's a huge embarrassment that comes with [this].

Not only for myself, as I was the one who committed the action, but the embarrassment that Jordan has to deal with and that this team has to deal with, this organization has to deal with. But also Jordan's family. His family saw that video.

His mother, his father saw that video. If my mother saw that video, I know how my mother would feel," Green said, per ESPN.

Green apologized to Poole but it will take time

After the video of Green punching Poole went viral, Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke to the media.

Myers claimed that the Warriors don't condone that type of behavior and insisted Green will do his best to earn back the respect of his teammates. "These things happen. Nobody likes it, we don't condone it, but it happens," Myers said.

"Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room. As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally. He will tell you he has been over that line but he always comes back. Nobody is saying they don't want him around, but [Wednesday] was not a good moment.

I don't think he likes putting himself in these spots. He is in one, but I think he'll find a way to earn the respect of his teammates and Jordan back," Myers said. The Warriors have built a strong reputation in recent years, having won four titles since 2015.

In recent years, the Warriors established themselves as one of the teams with the best culture in the league. Also, the Warriors are not really a team that draws attention due to drama or controversy. But in recent days, they have been making the headlines for the wrong reasons. It remains to be seen if Green will be handed any suspension for his punch on Poole.

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