LeBron James wants a Las Vegas team

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LeBron James wants a Las Vegas team
LeBron James wants a Las Vegas team (Provided by Sport World News)

LeBron James once his career on the pitch is over is to become the owner of an NBA franchise: a new team in Las Vegas. On the occasion of the pre-season game of his Los Angeles Lakers played right at the T-Mobile Arena of the most famous city in Nevada, James did not disappoint by playing an extraordinary first half of 23 points in 17 minutes against the Phoenix Suns, in a match then lost in the second half by the yellow-violet.

After the game he said to NBA commissioner Adam Silver: "I would love to bring a team here sooner or later, it would be amazing. I know Adam is in Abu Dhabi right now, but he probably reads every interview he has done by NBA players.

So I say that publicly. : I want a team here, Adam. Thanks."

Lebron's words on Wembanyama and Abdul-Jabbar

On Wembanyama he said: "Everyone has become unicorns in recent years, but he is more like an alien. No one has ever seen anyone so tall yet so fluid and elegant in his movements.

He knows how to do a thousand things on the pitch: he puts the ball on the ground, pull in step back from the post and three points, pull on the exhausts, stop shots. For sure he's a generational talent and we hope he stays healthy, which is the most important thing.

The good thing for me is that there was no social media , so when I was 15, 16 and 17 there wasn't much news about me, allowing me to focus only on basketball. If there had been social media, I don't know what else would have happened." Player's agent, Bouna Ndiaye, said: "We didn't come here to hide, we came here to learn and show him what the expectations are in the next 15 years.

He wants to play. He didn't come here for business reasons, to be the first. Absolute choice. The NBA people tell me to stop him, but we won't. If we offered it to him, he would look at us as if we were crazy. He would never accept.

He wants to compete and improve. For him basketball is the first thing, everything else comes. after. Victor distorts the reality of basketball. The tanking and the market will change after that game. The feeling is that after yesterday there will be a race to the last place as we have never seen it before." Los Angeles Lakers star said on Abdul-Jabbar: "No, there is no relationship between us."

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