Anthony Davis optimistic Lakers offense will look much better this season


Anthony Davis optimistic Lakers offense will look much better this season

Anthony Davis suggested that he, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook were too worried about stepping on each other's toes last season and that contributed to them not playing their games. Going into their second season as a trio, Davis says they will be aggressive when they feel they need to do.

"I think the biggest thing was everybody trying to be selfless and now everybody is being aggressive," Davis said, per ESPN. "'Russ, you get it, go.' 'Bron, you get it, go.' I get it and go. Whoever. And that's been very helpful for all of us." Westbrook, who has been known as an aggressive player throughout his entire career, at times looked without confidence last season and wasn't as aggressive as usual.

Some felt that Westbrook was too worried about what would James and Davis say if he was too aggressive and going for his shots. "Obviously we're unselfish teammates and we want to pass and do things [for our teammates], but at the same time we have to get going as well," Davis said.

"And I think that's been the biggest change that we wanted to see from us three so far is, whoever gets it, let's be aggressive because it's going to open up the floor for everybody else."

Davis: Being too unselfish doesn't really help

"When we're all trying to be unselfish and share the wealth, the ball kind of ends up getting lost around the perimeter or we're going up against the shot clock.

But when somebody is staying aggressive and Russ is getting downhill, Bron is getting downhill, it opens up the floor. Because they're aggressive where guys have to help out, they can kick it out to shooters," Davis added. Davis, James, and Westbrook all appeared in a total of 21 games last season.

Going into this season, the Lakers' star trio is fully healthy and ready. Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has the full belief in his star trio and he is just hoping they stay healthy this year. "We have a three-man package, actually a playcall, that they're going to thrive in and it involves all three of them," Ham said.

"I look forward to that being at a very, very high level. And there's different nuances in it that they can play around with. I trust all three of those guys."

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