Kyrie Irving voices belief in Ben Simmons

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Kyrie Irving voices belief in Ben Simmons

Kyrie Irving has voiced some belief in Ben Simmons as he feels Simmons can be a major contributor for the Brooklyn Nets and lead the team to success. Simmons, who was traded to the Nets prior to the trade deadline, didn't appear in any games for the games last season.

Now, Simmons is ready to make his Nets debut as the team is hoping Simmons fits well alongside Irving and Durant. "That level of talent, and IQ and motivation and drive -- anything's possible," Irving said, per ESPN.

"He has that 'it' inside of him so now we just have to slowly develop him where he knows that he can just go out there and be himself. We want him to be his highest potential of himself As a player, be able to accomplish things out on the floor that he wasn't able to do the last few years.

And just have some fun being at peace around him. Having a point guard 6-10, 6-11, I'm also a point guard, lead guard, whatever you want to call my position. It's good to get off the ball and have him get up and down the floor.

It's going to take time obviously for health-wise, but we're patient, so just wait for him to look like he's in All-Star form again, which I know will happen soon."

Irving believes Simmons can put his mental health issues behind him

Simmons openly admitted that he wasn't in the right space of mind to go out and perform last season.

Now, Simmons is in a much better place mentally and Irving is hoping that will positively translate to his performance on the court. "It means everything," Irving said. "It means they come in with a peace of mind.

And they just enjoy the game of basketball. It's a profession for sure, I don't want to knock that, it's a seriousness about it, but building team camaraderie takes that ability to go through some uncomfortable moments and you got to be balanced mentally, spiritually, emotionally, be able to handle things like that.

So I definitely have first-hand experience, I don't want to make mental health a trend. In actuality, it's one of the most important things that you need out here to be great in anything you do. We all are supportive, we all go through our own things, but we can understand and meet him where he's at and just have him enjoy the game. Rather than make it feel like it's something he's forced to come to at all. So I feel good."