Ben Simmons addresses being teammates with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

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Ben Simmons addresses being teammates with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

Ben Simmons is excited about being teammates with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as he is focused on figuring out how to put those in the best possible position to succeed. Simmons, who acquired by the Brooklyn Nets prior to the trade deadline, didn't suit up in any games during the second part of this past NBA season.

In the offseason, Simmons underwent a back surgery and he is now ready for the start of the upcoming sason. "You're playing with some great NBA players, some of the greatest," Simmons said of Durant and Irving, per ESPN.

"So, for me, it's just playing alongside them, figuring out where they want their shots, how they move, different spots on the floor where I need to be. It's just timing."

Nets coach on having Simmons alongside Durant, Irving

Nets head coach Steve Nash has hinted that there will be times when the team will use use Simmons at the center position.

Simmons is one of the most versatile guards in the NBA and Nash feels Simmons, Durant, and Irving have the potential to be the next deadly trio in the league. Also, Nash shrugged off the concerns regarding Simmons' shooting abilities.

"Very unique," Nash said of Simmons. "That's what makes Ben great. That's why I don't care if he ever shoots a jump shot for the Brooklyn Nets. He's welcome to, but that is not what makes him special and not what we need.

He's a great complement to our team, and he's an incredible basketball player because of his versatility." Durant and Irving are well-adjusted to play alongside each other as they have been with the Nets since 2019.

Now, the Nets are hoping the addition of Simmons will help the team reach new heights and finally win a championship. "I think they'll have a certain element of cohesion out of the gates," Nash said of the trio.

"Because they're all really good basketball players, but hopefully it's something that evolves. And they can continue to find ways to make each other better. I think that's the beauty, that they actually fit really well together, but it may take time.

But out of the gates, they're still three great basketball players who I think are excited to play together and will make things happen immediately. But let's hope that there's a constant growth as well."