Russell Westbrook sure about his LA Lakers future

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Russell Westbrook sure about his LA Lakers future
Russell Westbrook sure about his LA Lakers future (Provided by Sport World News)

Russell Westbrook explained about the next NBA season and about his Los Angeles Lakers teammates, Lebron James and Anthony Davis: "I'm optimistic, we can do great things together. Me, LeBron and AD? In my opinion, nobody stops us.

Los Angeles Lakers want to sell me and that's why I don't feel wanted? I don't need to be. my job. Whether they want me to or not, it doesn't matter. The important thing is to behave like a professional, to go out on the pitch and always give your best, in training as in a match.

I have never arrived at the gym so early, every morning. I am grateful and blessed to be able to compete every year and I have to prepare myself, my mind, my body. I will make mistakes. Maybe I'm not playing well. But I feel more prepared.

First year in Los Angeles below expectations? More for my family and friends than for me, because the confidence I have in myself never falters. But they could finally come and see me play and the Los Angeles crowd was booing me? It never happened to me.

There have been games in which I wanted and should have played better, and there will be similar ones again this year. I will make some mistakes, there will be times of the year when I will not play as I would like but this year I have prepared myself like never before and this will allow me to overcome any difficulties I may face.

I am nowhere near the idea of ​​being finished as a player. the critics? For them it can be said that it will be a surprise, certainly not for me. I know what I'm worth. I just have to do my job.

Whether I was wanted or not doesn't really matter. I think the most important thing is to show up for work and do the job as I've always done it: Be professional, go play and compete.

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