Kevin Durant finally reveals why he requested trade from Nets this offseason

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Kevin Durant finally reveals why he requested trade from Nets this offseason

Kevin Durant revealed his unhappiness with the Brooklyn Nets' culture led to his trade demand. After his third season with the Nets, Durant requested a trade from the team. Two months later, Durant rescinded his trade request and decided to stay in Brooklyn.

Now, he has publicly spoken for the first time about why he demanded a trade this summer. “I wanted everybody to be held accountable for their habits as a basketball player,” Durant said, per The New York Post.

“I think a lot of stuff was getting swept under the rug because we’re injured or this guy’s not around or just the circumstances. I thought we could have fought through that a little bit more and focused on the guys that were here a little bit more”.

Durant was unhappy with the Nets' attitude when he was out

In January, Durant sustained a knee injury, a period during which the Nets suffered 10 consecutive losses. “When I went out with the injury, we lost 10 in a row,” Durant said.

“And I’m like, we shouldn’t be losing some of these games that we lost, regardless of who’s on the floor. So I was more so worried about how we’re approaching every day as a basketball team. And I felt like we could have fought through a lot of the stuff that I felt that held us back”.

After Durant requested a trade from the Nets, the team didn't really show much willingness to trade him. The Nets did listen to trade offers, but there was never a sense that they actually wanted to trade Durant. Reflecting on that, Durant noted he understood why the Nets were reluctant to trade him.

“I know I’m that good that you’re just not going to give me away,” Durant said. Three years have passed since Durant and Kyrie Irving signed with the Nets. When Durant and Irving signed with the Nets, massive expectations were placed on the Nets.

But three years later, the Nets have yet to win a championship. This past season was especially disappointing for the Nets, who were swept in the playoffs first round by the Boston Celtics. During his Media Day, Durant was asked about why he feels this season will be different.

“It’s a year of growth, a year of looking in the mirror and (knowing) we f–--- up,” Durant said.