Kyrie Irving reveals how he felt about Celtics thrashing Nets in playoffs

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Kyrie Irving reveals how he felt about Celtics thrashing Nets in playoffs
Kyrie Irving reveals how he felt about Celtics thrashing Nets in playoffs (Provided by Sport World News)

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving admits that getting swept by the Boston Celtics was "a humbling experience." After getting past the play-in tournament, the Nets took on the Celtics in the playoffs first round. The Celtics dominated the series as the Nets didn't even collect a single win against Boston.

Heading into the new season, Irving wants to use that as a motivation to go out and ball this year. "We got 4-0'd my G, we got 4-0'd. It was meant to happen like that. Motivation bro. We needed that humbling experience, especially going against the Celtics.

It was already built to be that matchup. We're gonna see them again, we're gonna have to. They're gonna be where they're gonna be. But those youngins over there in Boston, bro, I got to see them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year on the Finals stage, making it that far, I'm glad they had to go through us," Irving said during his appearance on Twitch streamer KaiCenat's channel, per CBS Sports.

Irving remained committed to the Nets

After the Nets' season was over, Irving made it clear that he was going nowhere. When Irving and Kevin Durant signed with the Nets in 2019, they promised a championship. Irving wasn't happy about the Nets' result last season but he stayed committed to the team after a very disappointing end to the season.

With Irving, Durant and Ben Simmons on board, the Nets are hoping to go all the way this season. "There's no question about where I'm going and how this is going to happen," Irving said. "I'm here with [Durant], but also I'm here to build a great team.

I've averaged this many points, done this many things. Individually, been recognized for my greatness, but at this point in my career, I really just want to be part of a great team." The Nets didn't have a quiet offseason as there was lots of drama.

After the Nets and Irving failed to agree on a contract extension, some thought Irving would request a trade. Irving didn't request a trade, but Durant did. Fortunately for the Nets, Durant eventually changed his mind and decided to stay with the Nets.

Because of that, Irving and Durant will get at least one more chance to go out and deliver the Nets a championship.

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