Austin Reaves answers how it feels to play alongside LeBron James

Reaves had a chance to play alongside James in his rookie season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Austin Reaves answers how it feels to play alongside LeBron James

Austin Reaves says playing with LeBron James is "very easy" as the four-time NBA champion knows how to put teammates in the right position to succeed. Reaves, who went undrafted in the 2021 NBA draft, signed a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021 August.

A month and a half later, Reaves was signed to a regular NBA contract and he spent his rookie season by playing alongside James. Reaves earned some playing some time this past season as he has shown that he can definitely contribute in the NBA.

Reaves has done enough to convince the Lakers go give him another chance and he is looking forward to another season of playing alongside James. “We’ve both been in the gym, everybody’s on the team been working and really just preparing for this season to come.

Playing with him is very easy,” Reaves told Shams Charania. “He really puts you in the right spots for you to be successful, but also for the team as well. He is really someone who can orchestrate a whole game. For me to able to share the floor with him and have these moments like the meme is very special to me.

Hopefully we can keep doing it”.

Reaves and James have a new teammate

This offseason, the Lakers traded for veteran guard Beverley. In the past, Beverley talked about his desire to be teammates with James.

After signing with the Lakers, 34-year-old Beverley admitted that he was thrilled about the opportunity to finally play alongside James. "Who doesn't?" Beverley said. "You're talking about GOAT status, not only him, you're talking about GOAT status all the way across.

We're a matchup problem, we're a matchup problem for anybody. In order for us to be a matchup problem, we have to get to the playoffs, and playoffs are matchups, and we're a matchup problem for everybody, across the board, and we know that.

And our business is just getting to the playoffs, and we get to the playoffs, the guys who, all that polarizing figure, now you guys take us where we gotta go, that's the mindset." The Lakers haven't had much success over the last two years and they enter this season determined to get back on the right track. The Lakers still have a very talented team and their expectations for the next season is to win a championship.

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