Stephen Curry answers whether Warriors explored idea of trading for Kevin Durant

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Stephen Curry answers whether Warriors explored idea of trading for Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry reveals the Golden State Warriors definitely explored the idea of trading for Kevin Durant this offseason. On June 30, Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Nearly two months later, Durant rescinded his trade request and decided to stay with the team.

While Durant was with the Warriors, the team made three consecutive Nba Finals and won two titles. After being asked by Matt Sullivan of the Rolling Stone if the Warriors looked into trading for Durant, Curry answered: “Hell, yeah!

There was a conversation internally amongst us about ‘If he was available, would you?’ Every team has those conversations, and obviously in our situation, they’re gonna call me and ask me, ‘How do you feel about it?’ I was never hesitant.

The idea of playing with KD and knowing who he is as a person, from our history in those three years, I think KD’s a really good dude”.

Curry on why he feels Durant is 'misunderstood'

Curry played with Durant for three seasons and his perception of Durant was that he was a good guy to be around.

But the media is often criticing Durant and Curry feels Durant's trust in people has been tarnished. “I think he is misunderstood,” Curry said. “I think he has had certain things happen in his life that hurt his ability to trust people around him, in a sense of making him feel safe at all times.

So all of those things, I understand, having played with him and gotten to know him. I love that dude”. Golden State and Durant was an instant match. Durant flourished while playing alongside Curry as the Warriors reached the NBA Finals in each of the three seasons while Durant was there.

Curry knows how to approach a player and it certainly helped Durant to relax and feel more comfortable when he first arrived to Bay Area. Curry is often credited for his approach and the latest example of that was Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins was labeled a bust after the Minnesota Timberwolwes decided to trade him to the Warriors. But Curry believed in him and Wiggins responded by delivering the year of his life this past season. After earning his first All-Star nod and helping the Warriors win the NBA title, Wiggins gave credit to Curry for helping him feel comfortable.

“All those guys were very encouraging and motivating. Steph, Draymond, all them,” Wiggins said. Going into the new season, Curry's goal is to help the Warriors repeat as NBA champions.

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