Kevin Durant: I didn't take easy route to winning championship by joining Warriors

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Kevin Durant: I didn't take easy route to winning championship by joining Warriors

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant says he has zero regrets over joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and he absolutely believes he is deservedly a two-time NBA champion. After blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors, Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder and joined the Warriors -- which were considered the best team in the NBA even before Durant arrived.

Durant won back-to-back NBA championships in his first two seasons with the Warriors, before the Warriors lost to the Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals. Durant was the key in the Warriors' championship run as he was named back-to-back NBA Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018.

"No. What does that even mean?” Durant said on the “The Old Man and the Three” podcast with J.J. Redick, per Yahoo Sports. “I just never understood what that means. Cause I still come to work every day.

I go through every rep at 100 percent speed. I just don’t understand that. I played at an elite level in the Finals at all the biggest moments. And I can understand if I didn’t play well at all, but I played the best that I could in both Finals for that team.

I felt like I got up every day and held myself to a championship, elite player standard and I reached it pretty much 95 percent of the time. Well, 98 percent of the time in practice and games and shootarounds. So, yeah, of course I earned that”.

Durant now wants to have success with the Nets

Durant left the Warriors after losing the 2019 NBA Finals and joined the Nets to play with Kyrie Irving. Durant missed the entire first season with the Nets due to an Achilles injury he contracted in the 2019 NBA playoffs.

Irving recently spoke about how excited he was to be able to play with Durant. "One thing I've always been comfortable with, I felt like I was the best option on every team I played for down the stretch," Irving said on Durant's new podcast, "The Etcs," per ESPN.

"This is the first time in my career I've looked down and be like, 'That motherf---er can make that shot too.' And he'll probably do it a lot easier. "It's not so much deferring, because in past situations where I didn't take the last shot I felt guilty.

I want this game-winning shot, but also you want to trust your teammates. Not that I didn't trust my teammates, but I felt like I was the best option."