Shannon Sharpe: The Nets aren't trading Kyrie Irving to Lakers

Sharpe expects the Nets to run it back with the same group this season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Shannon Sharpe: The Nets aren't trading Kyrie Irving to Lakers

Shannon Sharpe thinks there is no way the Brooklyn Nets are now trading Kyrie Irving. Earlier this offsason, Irving was believed to be available in trade talks. But Irving then opted into the final year of his contract. Also, Kevin Durant has rescinded his trade request and he is staying with the Nets.

Now that Durant has changed his mind, Sharpe feels no way the Nets trade Irving to the Lakers or anyone else. “I don’t know why next year is even a thought in the Lakers mind. Until Kyrie is in a Laker uniform, it doesn’t matter.

The Nets aren’t trading Kyrie, they brought him back for a reason," Sharpe said on Fox Sports' Undisputed.

Durant, Irving and company 'set NBA players back decades'

This week, ESPN's Stephen A.

Smith went on a rant, in which he claimed that what has happened in Brooklyn has "set NBA players back decades." At the start of his rant, Smith explained that the Nets accomodated every Durant's request - they brought in Irving, DeAndre Jordan, hired Steve Nash as their coach, only to have Durant later request a trade.

Also, Smith mentioned how James Harden forced his way out of Brooklyn after just a year and how Ben Simmons basically refused to play when he was expected to suit up. “Wait until CBA negotiations come,” Smith said on First Take.

“You gonna have rules named after these guys. There’s gonna be a Kyrie rule, there’s gonna be a James Harden rule, there’s gonna be a Ben Simmons rule. You can book it. They ain’t playing. The one thing you can’t tolerate.

How can you be receptive to paying dudes who don’t want to play? You don’t have to collude with other owners to rally together in terms of your mindset and say ‘enough of this.’ You can sit up there and be the biggest headache in the world owners and executive and the NBA will get over it if you show up and play.

You show up and play and you ball, and the results follow you, they’ll tolerate a lot. I have never seen owners this gung-ho. They’re tired of it. What has happened in Brooklyn alone is enough to have set NBA players back decades. That’s the he kind of the damage that this kind of nonsense that was going on has done”.

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