Shaquille O'Neal picks best basketball player in the world

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Shaquille O'Neal picks best basketball player in the world

Former three-time NBA MVP Shaquille O'Neal says Stephen Curry is "by far the best basketball player in the world." Curry, 34, is still playing at an extremely high level and this past season he led the Warriors to the championship.

“I do, but nobody’s going to beat the best player in the world, Steph Curry,” O’Neal said when asked about the Western Conference, per Lakers Daily. This past season, Curry was named an NBA All-Star for the eighth time and for the first time was named an Nba Finals MVP.

Curry now has four NBA titles to his name and O'Neal has no doubt that it is Curry who is the best in the game. “Yeah, by far,” O’Neal said of Curry being the best player in the world. “Hell yeah. As Kenny [Smith] would tell you, you can have a category, but the real ones are recognized by the championships that you have.

Nobody plays better than Steph Curry. He’s a tough shot-taker, tough shot-maker. I like where he’s brought his career”.

Curry led the Warriors to their first title since 2018

Going into the 2021/22 season, the Warriors weren't really considered among top favorites for the title.

But the group led by Curry came together and went all the way. Andrew Wiggins, a former first overall pick who was once labeled a bust, played a major role in the Warriors' run to the NBA title. Reflecting on his success with the Warriors, he credited Curry for showing belief in him.

“All those guys were very encouraging and motivating. Steph, Draymond, all them,” Wiggins said, via Jack Winter of ClutchPoints. “They all did a lot for me in a lot of different ways. One thing they all do is they all hold you accountable.

When you do something wrong, they’re gonna get at you. But the thing that I love about them is that when you do it right, they’re gonna be the first people to come up to you and congratulate you. I feel like that goes a long way.

They’ve taught me a lot on and off the court, so I cherish those guys”. Curry has played for the Warriors his entire career and he has always been known as a great leader. The Warriors proved that they are still one of the best teams and they will certainly be among favorites to repeat as NBA champions next season.