NBA insider reveals latest regarding Kevin Durant-Nets situation

Durant requested a trade nearly two months ago but nothing has happened yet.

by Dzevad Mesic
NBA insider reveals latest regarding Kevin Durant-Nets situation

ESPN's NBA insider Brian Windhorst is reporting that the Brooklyn Nets are still hoping Kevin Durant changes his mind and returns to the Nets. Durant requested a trade from the Nets on June 30, but nothing has really happened so far as the Nets haven't even come close to trading the former NBA MVP.

Two weeks ago, Durant met with Nets owner Joe Tsai in London. During the meeting, Durant made it clear that he would return only if the team fired head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks. With Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons on the roster, the Nets feel they are still one of the best teams in the NBA.

“The other negotiation that is now developing is between Durant and the Nets. That separate negotiation about what it would like for him to come back. That’s what a big part of the discussion he had with owner Joe Tsai in London about 10, 11 days ago was.

Joe Tsai and the Nets believe they have a really good team. They don’t believe they have a good trade for Kevin Durant. They want him to consider coming back. But Durant has very clearly made it known he doesn’t want to play for the Nets under the current situation with the current coach and current GM,” Windhorst said, via Heavy.

Durant still wants out of Brooklyn

After it was revealed that Durant asked the Nets to fire coach Nash and general manager Marks, Nets owner Tsai sent out a tweet of support to Nash and Marks. The Nets are still hoping Durant changes his mind, while Durant still wants out of Brooklyn.

Several days ago, NBA insider Marc Stein reported that Durant was more likely to retire than play for the Nets again. “During summer league in Las Vegas, one of the most well-connected team executives I speak to regularly insisted to me that, based on what he was hearing, Kevin Durant was more apt to retire than play again for the Brooklyn Nets.

This was in early July," Stein wrote. After the report went viral, Durant addressed it on Twitter, calling it fake news. "I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me but if it's anyone out there that will listen, I don't plan on retiring anytime soon. S--- is comical at this point," Durant tweeted.

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