Kevin Harvick on his career: "I never really stop and say.."

“Maybe sometimes I need to just stop and kind of take it all in"

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick on his career: "I never really stop and say.."

Kevin Harvick (46) is still active in the NASCAR scene. And not only that, Harvick constantly shows that 'his time has not passed' His misery at Michigan is the best indicator of that. “A lot of the guys that I grew up racing with, they’re all retired and doing other things, but I get to still see them,” Harvick said for motorsport.

It’s those quiet high-fives that are a lot of fun and kind of keep it in perspective for me because of the fact that you’re older and supposed to be done and kind of headed down a path that is toward the end.

“I’ve always prided myself in trying to be competitive and do what it takes to be competitive and make the sacrifices that it takes to be competitive. But I do enjoy it. There’s nothing better than winning.

That’s what we do. “I don’t know how to really put it all into perspective because it’s just not something that I just stop and really ever look at. I never really stop and say, ‘Where are all those 60 wins?’ ”

Kevin Harvick and his career

Kevin Harvick has been devoted to what he loves since the first day of his career.

His career is a really good example to young athletes of how much effort, work and will lead to success. Harvick seems to have no plans to leave NASCAR. His team, as well as Harvick, are always focused on the future and challenges.

“You can look at all that stuff when it’s over, and if you gave it all you had, hopefully you can be successful,” Harvick said. “We have a group of people that have a lot in common on our team, very similar in age, a lot of them have kids, and for whatever reason, that has all meshed.

“It’s just this constant communication and we don’t ever talk about how cool it was two wins ago. We’ll talk about how great it was to win this week and then it’ll be, ‘All right, see you Wednesday.’ “Maybe sometimes I need to just stop and kind of take it all in, but I don't know, I always feel like it’s bragging when you stop and talk about yourself.

The perspective of what has happened is really not something that I stop and say, ‘That was pretty cool.’ “I thought it was cool that I could put my little girl in the car last week and we could do stuff like that. Those are the things that I think are neat right now”.

Kevin Harvick