Joey Logano: Fans want to see drivers hate each other


Joey Logano: Fans want to see drivers hate each other

Joey Logano is the main topic in the NASCAR world since he caused the wreck in the final restart. Criticism immediately followed such a move. The worst was his teammate, Ryan Blaney, who lost his chance to win. “I feel like some people are just going to complain.

And no matter what, there’s going to be somebody complaining about something. You just can’t make everybody happy. If everyone races too clean, and it’s just a gentleman’s race, no one is going to want to watch that.

Oh, I just let him go and he let him go. What’s that?” Joey Logano said. Joey Logano is aware that he was a little more aggressive, but he thinks that the fans don't want harmony. “Fans want to see drivers hate each other.

That’s just what it is. There is a level of respect out there, and give and take, an eye for an eye, and those types of things out there, but I don’t think fans want to see everybody hold hands and sing Kumbaya together.

We’re not doing that. That’s not going to happen. And I don’t think anybody wants that to happen. So I think there’s a balance. Maybe it was a little extreme this week. It was probably a little extreme. But everyone is pushing hard,” Joey Logano added.

Joey Logano and his race

Joey Logano also explained the way of thinking of one driver during the race. It seems that Logano has too great a desire for success, so unpredictable things happen precisely in such a desire. We will see if he will change anything or if he will remain consistent with the aggressive approach.

“You know you got to get around them so you make these big moves. Oh, I’m going to try and out brake him here, and I’m going to really send it in there because I got to pass him. And I’ve got a car that’s more durable.

I got to get by him unless I’m going to stay behind this car and finish 15th. I got to move forward. And you send it down in the corner and you get out of control. You just go too fast. And that’s what you see happen in Turn 1 not just on restarts but other times, too.

That was the big passing zone. If I don’t pass him here, I’m stuck behind him for Lord knows how long. So I got to go. That’s what those mistakes are,” explained Joey Logano.

Joey Logano