Bubba Wallace: "I’m frustrated with myself, but.."

"They gave me a decent car – a decent car to go out and learn with and survive"

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace: "I’m frustrated with myself, but.."

Bubba Wallace showed a lot in the first race of the season. It looked as if he would continue at the same pace, but after that, he had slightly worse results. However, in the last few races, he showed quality and achieved good results.

Bubba explained the reason for this; "I don’t know where we stacked up – top-20 all day," he said, as quoted by motorsport. "I’ve made improvements on road courses, but out there I feel like I’m busting out qualifying laps and it’s just good enough to get that position.

I got to figure out where to gain speed. I’ve got a great team behind me. Everybody at 23XI, I appreciate it. They gave me a decent car – a decent car to go out and learn with and survive. A good day for Embrace – in their first race for us with our Toyota Camry TRD.

It was a good day. Good day to come out of Indy with a surprising top-five”.

Last laps

The last laps were very difficult for him. Bubba is happy about the result, even though he was frustrated for most of the season. "It wasn’t pretty.

I closed my eyes on the at last one and I picked off four or five guys and the next thing you know, we were sixth. It just so happened to work out. I’m getting better slowly and slowly at these things. I want to be the best at these things, and I’ve got a lot of work to do.

"I’m frustrated with myself, but happy with the luck finally changing around. It seems like we’ve been beat down so much over this year. We’ve got four races to go to continue to climb. I’m proud of this team ...

Just have to keep going. We’ve got Michigan coming up. I’m really strong there so I’m looking forward to that. Richmond and Daytona and Watkins Glen – have to survive there”. Bubba Wallace seems to like the Brickyard, considering he's had good results there in the past.

"It’s a really cool place. The last couple of races on the oval we were top-10, so it’s good come back and be competitive somewhat today. I still have to do a lot of learning on these road courses, but surviving, staying in the game.

Crew chief (Bootie Barker), crew, everyone at 23XI kept us in the game to have a finish like this, so it’s good”.

Bubba Wallace