Austin Hill after Atlanta victory: I've been trying to win here for a long time

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Austin Hill after Atlanta victory: I've been trying to win here for a long time

Austin Hill showed his quality again, and won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He is happy because of the car and what he had at his disposal. "What a car," Hill said post-race. "RCR has been working their ever-loving tails off to bring some really fast Chevrolet Camaros.

We were a rocket ship all day. “Man, look at this crowd, I love the fans,” Team had certain problems that they still managed to solve. "We had an issue right when we pulled off of pit road. The team couldn't hear me.

We changed helmets thinking that was the case, but they still couldn't hear me. We had to do hand gestures." He had been waiting for a victory in Atlanta for a long time and now his wish has come true. Persistence is the best way to success.

"We just won at Atlanta, that's really special. I've been trying to win here for a long time. I've finished second here three times in a row, twice in a truck, and then earlier in the spring (NXS race). It's been owing me one.

Finally, we got one in Georgia where I grew up and was raised, about an hour down the road. This is going to be so special, I can't wait to party." “I have thousands of laps around this quarter-mile race track here (at AMS).

For it all come to fruition and to win on the big track, it’s something that I will cherish the rest of my life”.

Gibbs and Mayer

Gibbs is one of those who had something to say after the race. A tough race in which he could have done much more, but he is ready for the next challenges and what awaits him.

"It was hard racing and just came home on the wrong side of it," said Gibbs, as quoted by ESPN. Mayer himself is not satisfied with his performance. "I thought it was going to be good," he said. "It wasn't. That's my mistake. I've got to calm down and get my act together." An interesting rest of the season awaits us.

There are many names in the game, everyone is serious in their intentions, and there are also many quality drivers. However, only one team will reach the very end. We can't wait for the outcome and finding out who is 'the one' who will ascend the throne. It would be a great achievement for anyone.