Tyler Reddick after his first NASCAR Cup win: “I was tired of just being so.."

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Tyler Reddick after his first NASCAR Cup win: “I was tired of just being so.."

Tyler Reddick achieved his first Cup victory. It wasn't easy as he says, but he finally reached the goal he had in mind. “It was just a huge sense of relief. This whole team, we’ve been at it for a couple years now together, and even some of us back to the Xfinity Series days,” Reddick said, as quoted by motorsport..

“That first year together in the Xfinity Series we were able to go out and back up a championship and win a lot of races. “Then we got slapped in the face with the reality of what Cup racing is like, and just I’ve had to learn a lot over the course of these last three years in the Cup Series as a driver, but I’ve had some really great people behind me to help me do that.

“A lot of great people have helped an immense amount along the way, and it’s just – what a crazy ride it’s been, and just had to put a lot into it. All of us have. It’s really nice to get it finally done”.

Great race for Reddick

He showed quality, and didn't make many mistakes. In the end, he deservedly achieved a great result. “It was kind of nice in some way to be in the spot where we were where points really weren’t going to matter that much over the next 10 races.

We knew we needed to go out there and win,” Reddick said. “To kind of just put points aside and put the whole day together like we did and not make the big mistakes and just all day long. It was nice to be coming off pit road right there off the bumper of (Elliott) and just me and him go at it and may the best team win.

“Thankfully, it was us today”. The team did their best to help Reddick get this result. “I was tired of just being so bad that I felt like I was just kind of in the way and had to get out of everybody’s way and wanted to change that,” he said.

“The nice thing about it is the hard work you put in is what you get out of it. … A year-and-a-half ago or so we rolled into the beginning of the year, we were way better, and that was great, but it wasn’t good enough because we still didn’t get the job done. We still didn’t win. “So, we just kept plugging away at it”.