Kyle Busch: Why we missed it? I don’t know

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Kyle Busch: Why we missed it? I don’t know

Kyle Busch talked about his performance at COTA. Not satisfied after all, considering they lacked speed. He still doesn't have an answer to his team's problems, but obviously, they will have to work on some things. “We struggled at COTA with raw speed and being able to be good there,” Kyle said, as quoted by “In the early stage of the race, I think we were running eighth, we were fading, I got spun out by Chase Elliott running 12th.

So we weren’t great at COTA either, but we were able to get through some of the restarts and get positions on guys to get ourselves up front. Christopher (Bell) was third or fourth. I was right with him on the last lap there.

And so you know, felt like with everything that kind of ensued on the last lap, we would have had a shot to run in the top two or three, for sure”. “But I would say both road course events so far this year were not our strong suit.

Why we missed it? I don’t know. If I could answer that, we wouldn’t struggle, we wouldn’t have been bad. But talking to Truex, who tested for us at Watkins Glen, certainly not looking forward to going to The Glen either.

They weren’t very fast there”.

Kyle Busch

More road courses angers Kyle Busch. He used to enjoy it, but now he has many more road courses, and sometimes that makes the driver tired. "I’ve always enjoyed the road racing.

Back when we had two on the schedule, it was kind of fun because it was like an off-week. You would go and enjoy the experience and try to learn and get better at it each time that you would do it, but now that there are five of them on the schedule, it’s definitely more loaded towards needing to be good at it; not wanting to but needing to”.

Next-Gen cars have brought a lot of new things, and most racers don't seem to be happy with it. “I’ll start with the biggest frustration. I think passing, traffic. This car is worse in traffic than the previous car.

l feel like all of the underbody stuff is not at all what we anticipated it to be. The cars drive fun. They are good. The pleasant part of it is that they drive well when they are by themselves, and they have full air."