Kyle Larson before Gateway: "The biggest problem will be ..."

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Kyle Larson before Gateway: "The biggest problem will be ..."

Kyle Larson will debut on the Gateway track, but will have training before that. “Yeah, I haven’t raced here. I’ve raced at Tri-City (Speedway), which is 15 minutes from here. Pevely (Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55), which is probably 35 minutes; and then at the Dome.

So, I’ve raced all around it, but never here. I’m excited. I haven’t had too much time at all to prepare. I hadn’t gotten to run any laps here to test or anything on a simulator,” Kyle Larson said, as quoted by firstsportz.

“So, we’ll get the hang of it hopefully quickly here later on today. I’m excited about the opportunity. I’ve always wanted to race here, so it’s nice that we have Cup weekend here now,” Kyle Larson added.

Kyle Larson: All of us have a lot of experience

There are many experienced drivers who will give their best and try to prove themselves, but it is difficult to imagine what awaits us in this race. “Usually, I think you work up to it just a little bit.

All of us have a lot of experience in racing stock cars and going to new tracks I feel like you’re kind of close to those limits even right off the bat and then you can find them pretty quickly. I don’t think you’re going to see anybody struggling or anybody way better than the next person.

I think we’re all really good drivers and we will all figure it out quickly. I’ll definitely probably try and break sooner than what I think is the potential and then kind of creep up to it,” says Kyle Larson.

His colleague, Alex Bowman, talked about downshifting. I think it makes it tougher to pass because it keeps your pace up, it seems. If lap times start slowing down, you start to downshift to go faster. I think we’ve all learned that you need pace to fall off to pass and now, with shifting, the pace doesn’t fall off quite as much, so it makes things a little tougher.

These cars and the aerodynamics make things a little tougher as well, but we’ll see,” Kyle Larson said, as quoted by firstsportz. “I don’t think it helps the racing any. I think the thing that creates it is we’re running the same transaxle at most racetracks.

I think what it does for the racing is: a guy can miss the corner, not be back to the throttle very well, not pointed right, not in a good spot, and just downshift and get off the corner just fine. That just makes it harder to pass and harder to set up passes,” Alex Bowman said.