Bubba Wallace on calling out his crew and diversity in the world

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Bubba Wallace on calling out his crew and diversity in the world

Bubba Wallace is a man who never gives up and who wants to go a step further than others, Although his form is sometimes not what he expects, he is still optimistic and believes in himself. “I messed up a lot of races, but the opportunity to come back out and compete again gives you that second chance.

Grow from that. Learn from that. I told them I’m not sorry for what I said. I said it. It’s out there. It is what it is. I call it how I see it. We sucked that day,”.- he said, as quoted by firstsportz. Sometimes in this desire for victory and everything, there is a conflict between important people, in this case between him and his crew.

“They took it very well. I said, ‘How do you guys feel?’ ‘Ah, we’re good.’ I said, ‘That’s bulls***. Tell me how you really feel.’ He’s like, ‘Man, we’re just trying to get through it.’ And that’s when we went into that long discussion,” Bubba Wallace said.

Wallace is often honest and wants to point out everyone's mistake, but he is also aware of his mistakes. “I told them that the biggest thing that we can have is each other’s backs. Calling them out is really not having their backs, but as I said, I call it how I see it.

Pisses some people off. You know, I’ve been called worse and I learn from that and it makes me stronger. All these guys have come from the football ranks. What I said is just like a drop in the bucket. And they said that too – ‘it really doesn’t bother us,” Bubba Wallace said.


Bubba Wallace is a man who stands for equality and the rights of all. This is how he reacted this time as well: “With all, they do in the military field and embrace diversity and inclusion it aligns with our core values, kids that are looking up to me they might not want to drive necessarily, but they want to be part of the sport and want to see a familiar face on the pit crew,” said Bubba Wallace, as quoted by firstsportz.

“I mean, not only NASCAR but every organization, every company in the world, sees now how big diversity is and it’s sad that we’ve waited this long; But it’s also humbling to know that I’m one of the ones in our sport, and there are so many others that are in other leagues and other businesses,” added Bubba Wallace.