Kevin Harvick wants to keep up the pace

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Kevin Harvick wants to keep up the pace

Kevin Harvick is pleased with his results this season and expects such great games in the sequel. However, he says that he cannot predict situations and that he does not know what can happen and what factors can affect him not to achieve such a good result.

“I don’t think we lack any confidence. But I think as you look at every round, even this round, every race can be a challenge, and that’s how we approach it,” Harvick, 44, said. “We’re confident that we can do what we need to do."

, as quoted by motorsport “Whether that’s good enough, you don’t know, and sometimes you have circumstances out of your control or you do something wrong and screw something up. So, you just never know. I think we all had a lot of faith in each other as team members, and we just go week to week and just battle and see where we’re at and go from there”.

Team behind Harvick

As he says behind him is a phenomenal team of people who together manage to keep Harwick in the game. He is still full of energy and strength and ignores the bad things that have happened or could possibly happen “You don’t want to get out of rhythm, you don’t want to start thinking about what could happen or what did happen.

You just go and do what you do on a week-to-week basis, climb in the car drive it as hard as you can,” Harvick said. “When things aren’t going 100 percent correctly on a race weekend, we’ve got a great group of guys on pit road, we’ve got a great group of guys back at home helping us and on the pit box and doing all the things that it takes to try to climb back in the race or strategize our way back in the race.

His goal is to maintain the rhythm he has had so far and try to reach new victories again. If he is as he was, he is sure to have a good chance of winning “Sometimes those weeks, and I think Darlington is a great example of that, we just kept ourselves in the race and wound up in a position that capitalized on winning the race so that we weren’t really in contention to win."

“You just want to stay in rhythm. I know for us staying in the rhythm and just thinking the same way that we have all year is the best way to do it for us”.