Denny Hamlin had a response to the booing by the crowd

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Denny Hamlin had a response to the booing by the crowd

Denny Hamlin is someone who is often criticized and who is often verbally attacked by various fans and the media. However, it seems that such things do not affect him and that he only gets the additional motivation to be even better.

“How do I get up every morning and take my kids to school at 7:30 a.m.? How do I go to 23XI Racing to work a couple days in the middle of the week during a playoff run? I live in chaos. My life is chaos and I thrive under chaos,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “Honestly, you can probably ask Kyle (Larson, one of Hamlin’s good friends), the more (expletive) that’s stirred up around me, the more I come at it.

I don’t mind things like that. “To me, it’s like fuel. I have so much fuel in my tank right now from just motivation. There’s a lot of motivation”. Hamlin seemed to have a hard time losing to Bowman, so after the race, he approached the celebratory team with a car, after which he experienced booing by the audience during the interview.

“I really wanted to make a pretty strong statement at Martinsville." "Starting in the back, going to the back again (due to a pit road speeding penalty), driving all the way to the front and winning that race would be like putting the foot on the throat heading into this weekend, right?” he said.

“I feel like that momentum was taken from us. Again, the momentum in head now swings back and around and now I’m ultra-motivated because I just love the feeling of proving people wrong”.


He was frustrated by the audience's reaction and did not expect that to happen “It doesn’t translate to common sense.

We were the guys that got wrecked, yet we were booed? I’m confused what’s going on,” he said. “Obviously, people were passionate about their driver, that’s OK. “But honestly, it doesn’t make any sense in the grand scheme of life as far as what is actually going on.

It’s just bitter fans from a decade ago. They just can not get over it”. What kind of reaction does Hamlin expect from the audience if he wins the Cup “I’m not sure. I’ll be so happy for myself and my team, I really won’t care,” he said.

“I know how hard we’ve worked to get here; how hard I’ve worked and all the sacrifices my family has made to get me to this point. “I’m just going to try to find my family as soon as possible and give them a hug”.