Hamlin believes F1 should be an example for NASCAR

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Hamlin believes F1 should be an example for NASCAR

"Drive to Survive" is a documentary that has aroused great interest around the world. Netflix made a great move, and in 2019 created a documentary series that obviously increased interest in Formula 1. Denny Hamlin is one of those who started following Drive to Survive, although that hasn’t been the case so far.

It was Netflix that “helped” the main people of F1 "I think this year I’ve probably watched more (F1) races than I have my whole life, for sure. Some of that is driven by social media. My friends are tuning into it.

You see that the American press is giving it more attention this year,” Hamlin said, as quoted by motorsport “Obviously, when you see a buzz or see something on social media about it, you want to kind of tune in and see what’s going on.

That’s kind of driven my interest in it, more so than anything”.

Hamilton and Verstappen

The partnership with NBA star Jordan is one of the reasons he started following this “It certainly made me tune into that to see how they did the production on that and certainly it came across with some good storylines,” he said.

“Certainly, I’m a person that will turn into that series as it continues”. As we know, Hamiton and Verstappen have the main word in Formula 1 this season, and the question is who will take the title in the end.

“It’s crazy because you know – you’ve got probably a 90 percent chance of picking which two guys are going to win (each F1 race). This year has been a little bit different with craziness going on, but there is two people that can win, two teams that can win,” Hamlin said.

“There is not much side-by-side racing, as compared to NASCAR, but yet fans and media love it. Just F1 could be a big incentive for Nascar to change some things “When you talk about how critical fans or media or whoever might be of our racing in NASCAR, it’s head and shoulders above anything going right now.

The show is good. Why can’t we get people to turnout? “Texas was just a big disappointment seeing what was up in the stands there, and yet we are talking about the biggest crowd in history showing up for the COTA F1 race next week. So, there is some kind of disconnect that’s going on that’s not making this deal work”.