Alex Bowman disappointed with the results in the playoffs

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Alex Bowman disappointed with the results in the playoffs

Alex Bowman had a great season. He managed to reach the playoffs and appear as the 6th seed. Yet after two rounds, things did not happen as he expected. According to Bowman, last season the team was much better in the playoffs, but this year the situation is disappointing.

While it’s obvious that Bowman has confidence, it doesn’t seem to have been enough this time "I feel like last year we had a really great playoff run. This year we’ve kind of had the opposite of what we had last year.

It’s definitely been a little frustrating,” Bowman, 28, said, as quoted by motorsport “I know we have the tools we need to get the job done, and I’m confident we’ll have fast race cars. But I was really confident before we went to Las Vegas as well, and obviously, that didn’t work out very well for us”.

Now the Talladega race awaits him "The biggest stress point for me is like trying to make the right decisions to make it to the end of the race (on Sunday). It’s really difficult to do, no matter how good of a speedway racer you are,” he said.

“Just trying to make the right decisions there and the right calls. Hopefully, we’ll end up towards the front there at the end of the day. It’s definitely pretty tough”.

Charlotte Roval

The Oct. 10 race on the Charlotte Roval he thinks will be one of the toughest races “I would just say that it really doesn’t have any room for error.

It’s a tough place to get around,” Bowman said of the Roval. “Once you start pushing, if you make any mistakes, they tend to bite you pretty hard. I’ve been guilty of that there. “It’s just really easy to get yourself in trouble and overdrive a corner and tear something up.

So, I feel like that’s what really makes it a wild card. You have a lot of mistakes from people that you may not normally see”. Although he is not superconfident, Bowman still believes that he will have the necessary speed and will do his best to achieve a good result.

“I’m really confident that we’re going to have a really fast race car. We always do. The guys do a great job on our superspeedway cars, and we show that each and every year,” Bowman said. “Not super confident that my 39 best friends are going to make the best decisions all day to put me in a great spot, but at the same time, we’re all in the same situation and just go race and do what we can.

“So, I’m going to do my best to put myself in the best position I can. I feel like we need to be aggressive all day and go try and win the thing, so that’s what I’m going to try to do”.