William Byron: "I feel like we handled the adversity"

“I feel like we learned a lot about how we can come through under pressure"

by Sead Dedovic
William Byron: "I feel like we handled the adversity"

Byron and Bowman were in danger of finishing the race earlier but it still didn’t happen. Byron finished third and Bowman fifth. After reseending, Bowman is seventh in the playoffs “I think for us, we’ve already kind of been through that pressure moment.

A lot of guys maybe haven’t that we’re racing against, haven’t been through that,” Byron, 23, said. “I feel like for us, we learned a lot about ourselves on Saturday, as quoted by motorsport “I feel like we learned a lot about how we can come through under pressure and how we can bring a good race car and how we can execute the race really well.

So, it’s been a little while since we’ve had as strong a race as that throughout, and no mistakes. “There’s always adversity in a race, but I feel like we handled the adversity that we did have really well and brought it home in third place”.

Furgle on the race

Rudy Fugle, who is otherwise Byron's crew chief, believes that they should not take anything for granted. Yet he believes this team can push through to the very end "We don’t take that for granted.

In fact, we had to fight for everything to get to the second round – it’s big for us,” he said. “From the driver to the pit crew to the team itself. “We’re not going to take anything for granted and we’re going to lay it all on the line at the race.

I think we can go far”. Byron believes that it was known who the favorites were, but that today everyone can win “I think you kind of know who the big hitters are going to be at this race with (Larson) and hopefully us and some of the Gibbs cars, and just knowing who has run well at the 1.5 mile-tracks,” Byron said.

“But that doesn’t really tell the whole story because it can come down to restarts and then anybody can win, basically. I think you’ve just got to put yourself in a good position and then you’ve got to go do really well in those restarts”.

He is pleased with the team's progress so far, and expects a successful race in Las Vegas “I think we were good at Michigan,” said Byron, who finished second at that 2-mile track in August. “I think we’ve been good at the last few 550 horsepower tracks.

“I’m pretty excited for Las Vegas based on our past history and the way we’ve been running on those tracks”.

William Byron