Logano is dissatisfied with his results

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Logano is dissatisfied with his results

Joey Logano had great races before the corona virus appeared. However, after a long break, there was a fall. He had worse and worse results and he is aware that he will have to do better. He managed to enter the playoffs and now everything is on him.

“Way too long,” Logano said. “We’re ready to win again, but I do feel like we’re getting close back to that same point as we were. To me, there’s no doubt when we went back racing we weren’t where we wanted to be.

I even said it a few times, almost like a lost puppy not knowing what road to go down to get back to where we need to be, and it’s hard to find that direction without practice. Going to a different race track every week it’s hard to grow.

It took longer than we wanted it to, longer than we expected it to, but I feel like we’re getting really close back to where we were at the beginning of the year." , as quoted ba NASCAR “We can get ourselves in position to win again and I feel like we’re right at it, so I do feel pretty good about where we’re at again”.

Logano and Jones had a meeting

Logano and Jones recently talked about everything even though they hadn't heard from each other for a long time. Logano is a little afraid of ending their careers and feels anxious about it.

“Hearing his whole story is scary how similar it is, like it is almost identical the way he was brought up racing, the way he was at Gibbs. It was almost identical,” Logano said. “That being said, you can’t tell the future and know where he’s gonna go next and that it’s all gonna be great and it be the best thing that ever happened to him, but I did say that God put you in these positions a lot of times to make you stronger and grow you and direct you in the place He wants you to be.

In the moment, you don’t know that. In the moment, it’s the worst. It’s awful." “The stress, and I remember thinking so many times that, ‘Oh my gosh, all I ever wanted to be was a race car driver.

I put all my eggs in this basket and it’s coming to an end. What am I gonna do with my life?’ Those thoughts run through my mind and it’s kind of scary, it’s really scary if we’re being honest”.