Christopher Bell frustrated after the race at Watkins Glen

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Christopher Bell frustrated after the race at Watkins Glen

Although Bell’s car in Watkins Glen (N.Y.) was pretty fast, Bell had to settle for seventh place and seems to have been pretty disappointed after the race as he felt he had what it took to get a better result. “I don’t know if I crowded (Larson) at all, but he shouldn’t have been in there in the first place.

He didn’t really have a run coming off of (Turn) 7,” Bell said, as quoted by motorsport “We were all packed up. “I was faster than (Martin Truex Jr.) but never could make a run on him to get by him, and same thing with Larson.

It’s very disappointing. Our (car) was extremely fast and definitely capable of winning the race. “Extremely frustrating, but a lot more racing to go”. During the race, Kyle Larson found himself close to Bell and nudged him, after which Bell lost several positions.

Larson apologized

After the race, Larson apologized and admitted his mistake, revealing that he had no intention of doing so. "I definitely made a mistake getting into him,” Larson said. “He would pull me off of (Turn) 7 every time, and that time I maintained, and I was out-braking him in the other laps, so I thought I could out-brake him and get all the way to his inside.

“I was only able to get my nose to his numbers. Maybe not even that far, but it was close. At that point, I’m already committed and on the verge of wheel hopping and locking the fronts up and I was just hoping he would leave enough room.

“It was definitely my fault. Not intentional, obviously. But I made a mistake”. Apparently, Bell is not satisfied with his performances so far and believes that his team could have done a lot more “Very happy that we’ve turned a corner and now we’re frustrated with seventh.

It should have been a lot more,” Bell said. “In this sport, you’re only as good as your race car and I’ve had really fast race cars the last couple of weeks”. Indianapolis will be the next race for him.

He looks very optimistic before this race and thinks that this time the results could be much better “At Indy, we have practice so have a little more time to tune on it and make it better, but been really proud of Adam and this No. 20 group to give us really fast Camrys,” Bell said. “I expect that to be similar next week”.