Cole Custer believes in The Next Gen

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Cole Custer believes in The Next Gen

Cole Custer is preparing for the races that await him. The goal is: 500 miles “Right now, I’m wore the hell out,” Custer said with a laugh. “We’ve surpassed 1,000 miles in four days at Dover and it’s probably the toughest track for that physically”.

, as quoted by Nascar The Next Gen model turned out well but Custer thinks it's too early to talk about it “Now I feel like we have all the bugs worked out and you can go run competitive lap times, and now we’re just trying to figure out what makes it generally setup-wise what’s gonna make it go faster, what’s gonna make it gain lap time and what’s gonna be best for the long run,” Custer said during a Tuesday lunch break between test runs.

“Right now we’re just trying to knock out big picture things setup-wise, but, overall, I feel like it’s too early to tell how it’s gonna work in traffic. We’re too early in the going I feel like right now, so that’s gonna come a little bit later on.

“There’s nothing that jumps out at me that’s totally bad or totally good, either. It’s just a matter of trying to figure out what’s gonna make it good setup-wise and what’s gonna make it go faster”.

Probst on the Next Gene

John Probst, NASCAR Senior VP of Innovation and Racing Development believes Next Gene will succeed and have big goals with it “Right now, the most important part of the project is getting all of the OEM bodies approved by the end of September,” Probst said.

“That is a really big milestone for us, and we’re on track to hit it. In terms of on-track testing, we still want to get to a superspeedway, and we’re looking at something at Daytona after the season ends.

There is also significant enough interest that we may look into doing other on-track tests”. He believes that it is necessary to test the Next Gen and thus determine whether there are certain defects that need to be fixed “It’s just a matter of trying to go to all the different race tracks and figure out what the different bugs they have to work out at these different race tracks because every single one is gonna have their own kind of thing,” Custer said.

“So just the more that they can go to different racetracks and test, the better it’s gonna be. I think at this point, you can go out there and run laps and you can probably put some cars out there together, but the next stage is gonna find out aero-wise what they do in traffic and what’s gonna make them better or worse”.