Keselowski wanted an ownership role

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Keselowski wanted an ownership role

Team Penske revealed that Keselowski was leaving the organization and that he had been offered ownership in Roush-Fenway Racing. Penske revealed additional details “We’d expected to get Brad in for another two or three years based on the term that he probably wanted to race.

Unfortunately, and good for him, quite honestly, he wanted to have ownership,” Penske said, as quoted by motorsport “The way we’re structured it just wasn’t available at Team Penske”. Penske wanted to extend his contract with Keselowski for several years, but that did not happen “He and I talked about this.

Over the years there was discussion that long term he’d like to have ownership in the team, but the way we’re structured at Penske Corp. and the subsidiaries that we have, it wouldn’t work out and he understood that,” Penske said.

“I think we came to the end of our contract at the end of last year. Obviously, he looked to see what was there, I’m sure. We were having negotiations, but COVID obviously slowed things down. “Basically, the final meeting that we had he said that he had an opportunity that would give him ownership, and I said at that point that we wouldn’t have that available”.

Top team lead

Keselowski has always had a desire to lead in the top team and is preparing for such an outcome “I’ve never made it a secret that I would eventually like to be an owner at the top level of the sport,” Keselowski said at the time.

“And, while this is many years down the line, I want to start to prepare for that possibility now”. After this was not realistic in Penske, he decided on other options that he could realize in the near future.

“This wasn’t a shotgun situation. It was well planned, well managed and we came to the decision,” Penske said. “The unfortunate thing is when you make those decisions it’s early in the season and then things leak out and there’s discussion.

It doesn’t help him. It doesn’t help us. “It confuses our fanbase, our sponsors and even the media, and I think that’s one of the reasons we made the decision based on the announcement of Brad that we had, and then we could work on how we were going to structure the team in the future. “I think we’ve done it as quickly as we can and hopefully with transparency for everyone”.