NASCAR drivers frustrated by the changes on the track

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NASCAR drivers frustrated by the changes on the track

Following the changes that will occur at Atlanta Motor Speedway, many NASCAR drivers have spoken out on social media and expressed their concerns. Kyle Busch is just one of those who had to express his opinion “I sure am glad to win the final Xfinity Series race on a real Atlanta racetrack, because the next one is just going to be a showpiece and it’s going to be shit”.

- Busch said, as quoted by motorsport He later continued: “If they’re going to narrow it up 15 feet, whatever it is, that’s the whole bottom groove. We’re not going to be able to run around here 3 wide.

You’re going to be stuck at two wide." "It’s going to be as wide as Darlington. So trying to run around here at 210 mph because if they don’t put plates on it, you’re going to be going way too fast.

"Just think about it. Everybody needs to just think. There ain’t nobody thinking. Brains for sale. Never used. Operating racetracks”.


Hamlin believes that the reason for such things is precisely the lack of communication between leading people at NASCAR and drivers "Each track operator has their own agenda," explained Hamlin.

"ISC and SMI, they do things a little bit differently. SMI is very fan, what do the fans want, we just want to do whatever it takes to make the fans happy and put on a great show for them. ISC is a little mix of competition."

"Where the disconnect is, is we just have to stop with the novelties. Be what we’re good at and let’s just do that. Why are we trying to reach outside of what NASCAR has always been about for a long time."

"Trans-Am is not as popular as us for a reason. We are big, heavy stock cars on ovals and we’re full contact, that’s why people strive and want to be in NASCAR. I hate that we’re going away from that through novelties”.

The problem is the disconnection between them and they need to work on that in the future “We just don’t get an answer. There’s just a disconnect. You just don’t get a whole lot of response. When it comes to the crash (test) stuff, I’ve asked questions to different NASCAR people, executives and I can’t get a response.

That to me makes it even scarier. The disconnect right now between all the parties, NASCAR, the tracks and the drivers, it’s tough right now. It’s not in a good place”.