Austin Dillon is confident before the NASCAR All-Star Race

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Austin Dillon is confident before the NASCAR All-Star Race

Austin Dillon could earn $ 1 million if he wins the race in Texas. Last year, he succeeded and secured a play off, where he achieved the best placement of his career “Going to Texas for the All-Star race, we’re pretty confident.

We feel like we have it set up that if we get in the right place on the track, that we can win with,” Dillon, 31, said, as quoted by motorsport “The confidence is high and the chance to win a million dollars, you don’t get that very often.

“We’re locked in the race and we’re headed down there, we might as well take some money home after the trip. I’m looking forward to it. We’re going down there for one reason and that’s to win a million dollars”.

There will also be another prize in the race. The team that has the fastest mandatory four-tire pit stop during Round 5 will earn $ 100,000 “We lost a pit crew member early in (Charlotte) week and had gone with some fresh faces on the team, and they did a good job to get us through it,” Dillon said.

“We have our full pit crew back this weekend. I think we can really go out there and light it up the next couple of weeks”.


Dillon is pleased with the success of his team so far. It is obvious that they have speed, and that there is cohesion in the team, which is certainly one of the reasons for their good results.

“I’m very excited about where we’re at. Obviously, points-wise, it’s a good position. You always want more,” he said. “One win changes how you feel about things; one win for you or someone else.

“I feel like we’ve competed well; we’ve got speed." "The last two weeks, we’ve overcome adversity that over the past couple years, if we had some of the things happen that we’ve had the last two weeks happen to us, we would not have recovered like we were able to.

He is particularly pleased with the situation in Charlotte “Charlotte was really a high-point. I feel like we had a car capable of running inside the top-three. I know that Kyle (Larson), Chase (Elliott) and all the Hendrick Motorsports guys were really good, but we showed really good lap times.

“I’m pumped about what we have going on right now as a group and we’ll just keep plugging along”.