Newman: "I don’t want to have ‘Mark Martin syndrome'"

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Newman: "I don’t want to have ‘Mark Martin syndrome'"

Brad Keselowski will probably be on the Roush Fenway Racing team next year as a partial owner but also as the driver of the Ford no.6 currently driven by Ryan Newman. The role of Newman next season is still unknown, but it seems that Newman is not someone who can easily give up, and as he says, his goal is to win the Cup Series championship.

“That’s always been my ultimate goal from the time I was in elementary school." - Newman said, as quoted by motorsport That’s on my radar still and will always be on my radar, whether I achieve it or not because that’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to the competitiveness of what we do,” “I don’t know what all the steps will be, but, ultimately, that’s where my mind and heart will always want to be”.

Coca Cola 600 and Southern 500

Ryan Newman was close to winning the Coca Cola 600 and Southern 500 many times where he finished second. Yet his goal was to win such races "I feel like I’ve been so close with the Coke 600 and so close with the Southern 500, a championship, a road course win – all those things that I’ve been second in, which is nothing to be ashamed of,” Newman said.

“At the same time, it’s not achieving the goals that I want. Newman looked like a pretty motivated driver who didn’t want to lie to himself. And he seems very ambitious given that he has set much bigger goals than he has achieved, yet no one can ignore his persistence and skill “I don’t mean this in a bad way by any means and I think you know that knowing me, but I don’t want to have ‘Mark Martin syndrome’ where you achieve a lot, but don’t always achieve the things that you say you wanted to achieve.

Newman is aware that he has achieved a lot of success at NASCAR and that his name is well known in NASCAR, but it is as if he always wanted to go one step further and achieve greater success. “I think that’s the case for so many people.

There are guys in our sport that have not gotten their first top-10 or top-five, and to have 18 wins and as many poles as I have is special, but it’s a humbling sport and you’re never probably as successful as you think you can be or should be”.