Kevin Harvick achieved his fifth victory

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Kevin Harvick achieved his fifth victory

Kevin Harvick achieved his fifth victory at NASCAR. He was better than Brad Keselowski in the last moments.This is great news for Ford and it is certainly a great privilege to have such a driver on your team.He currently has 4 wins in Michigan "Just got challenged by a whole bunch of restarts at the end that made it kind of crazy," Harvick said.

"But in the end it was a great day for us. Everybody did a great job, called a great race, and we capitalized on a fast car and put it in Victory Lane." , as quoted by ESPN Keselowski failed to win again. The main culprit is Harvick.

He will have another attempt to win on Sunday. "At no time did I think us or anybody else was better than the 4," Keselowski said. There have also been some changes in NASCAR. A rule called: selection rule should start this week.

When drivers come to a certain place, ie they approach it, they will have to choose the inner or outer lane. "I think it definitely gave some guys a chance that were kind of buried eighth or ninth," Harvick said.

"You can take a chance and gain some track position. So I thought it went well and did exactly what everybody thought it would do."

Keselowski choices

Keselowski is pleased with his choice which still did not work.

He realized that any of the 3 decisions would not work at that point. "I had like three ideas, and I watched the replay and none of them would have worked," Keselowski said. "At the moment, there was nothing I feel like I could have done differently other than just be a little faster or have a little more speed."

Harvick denied that there was contact between him and Busch "I didn't know if I hit him or not, but I saw the video and didn't touch him. I must have packed a bunch of air on his left rear," Harvick said.

"I knew I needed to be right there. You have to take the chance when you have it and I needed that side draft down the front straightaway. I got within like an inch, it looked like on the video." "I don't know whether he hit me or just air.

It was close enough that it disturbed my car, obviously, and made me have to get out of it real bad," he said