Briscoe: "Sonoma is the only track I’ve never been to before"

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Briscoe: "Sonoma is the only track I’ve never been to before"

Chase Briscoe driving for Stewart-Haas Racing has already reached the top 10. Briscoe is expecting Cup race at Sonoma, but also Saturday’s ARCA West race at the track. He thinks that it is necessary for him to get to know the track and to feel live what it is like to ride on such a track.

This is exactly what will help him be better in Sunday's race, where he expects a good result "I think the biggest thing that could come from the ARCA race is just learning the track. You can spend tons of time in the simulator but it isn’t the same as turning real laps,” Briscoe, 26, said, as quoted by motorsport “The more time I can spend going through the corners and figuring out the passing zones, the better off we’ll be on Sunday.

“We certainly won’t be able to figure out every single thing during the race, but it’ll be more than I know going in. There are lots of guys who have run Sonoma in the past and not having practice really puts us behind everyone going into the weekend.

“We had a good run at COTA and a lot of that comes from having that extra time on track”.


Sonoma is a place where Briscoe has never performed before and he is aware that it will be much harder for him than in previous times.

Still, he looks excited and can't wait to feel such a track and complete previous experiences “Of all the places to go and not have practice, this is certainly not ideal,” Briscoe said. “I’m just hoping I know which way to turn on the race track.

Sonoma is the only track I’ve never been to before in any kind of car. “I don’t know what the tires are going to feel like, or how much they fall off, or how much to save, what curbs you can hit, what curbs you can’t hit.

There are so many variables that, until I get there, it’s going to be hard to say, but I’m excited. It seems that he has already heard the comments of some of his colleagues and got acquainted with the details of the track “Everybody I’ve talked to says it’s extremely slick and worn out and I love slick and worn-out race tracks.

Sonoma is one I’ve been really wanting to get to for a long time, so I’m excited to finally go there this year”.