Kyle Busch believes his team is not close to Hendrick Motorsport

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Kyle Busch believes his team is not close to Hendrick Motorsport

Kyle Busch was great in the Coca Cola 600-meter race. He had good speed, balance and eventually managed to get to third place. At times he had fantastic moves, and he looked full of confidence, but that's the Busch we're used to.

Still, Hendrick Motorsports was dominant and Busch could do nothing about it. Busch looked happy in the end, and he seemed to do his best in this race “Definitely, we had nothing for the Hendrick cars," said Busch, as quoted by motorsport "Overall, just a really good night for us.

This M&M’s Camry was fast. Ben (Beshore, crew chief) and the boys did a really, really good job." "I appreciate for all that we had – it was enough to go out there and run strong. I tried to break them up.

I didn’t want them to finish 1-2-3-4 again, so at least I could get in the middle of them, but overall, good job."

Hendrick Motosport

His team can hardly match Hendrick Motorsport, because as he says Hendrick Motorsport is much faster, and that is the main problem of his team, which seems to have to work on some things.

"When we were running there through some of the middle part of the race, we were wide open from one and two and just barely breathing it through three and four," he continued. Kyle believes things should go much easier if his car had what it lacks "You need to be wide open all the way around to complain about raw speed, but realistically, you just need to go from that corner (four) to that corner (one) faster and that’s straight line speed so that’s overall."

Motorsport reporters asked Busch how close his team was to being at the Hendrick level, to which he replied "They (Hendrick Motorsports) were fast and they look good under the hood and they had good aero too”.

“Not close enough. On a one to 10, if (Kyle) Larson was a 10 tonight, we’re about a seven so we’ve got some work to do”. It looks like his team will have to sit down for that and figure out what it is that makes them weaker and what possible measures they would take to bring their cars to a satisfactory level.

Although his team is also great, many thinks that Hendrick's team will be better in the end, which is not strange considering the better performance they have.