Boris Said (58) returns to NASCAR after four years

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Boris Said (58) returns to NASCAR after four years

Said, although 58 years old will try to qualify MBM Motorsports for the Xfinity Series race. Although he retired in 2017, he decided to return because of one call “I race Trans-Am with Pancho Weaver and he lives next door to Carl Long, and he said, ‘Man, he’d really like some help to get the car into the race."

"He wanted to know if you’d be interested in doing it,’” Said told “I retired in (2017), but I miss it, to tell you the truth. There’s nothing that replaces racing”. He believes he can still make a good result in spite of everything “It’s like the old days, pretty much anybody that called me to drive, I always said, ‘OK, I’ll give it a shot,’” Said said.

“I figure I might as well. I’m in good shape, you never know, there’s a 1-in-40 chance you could do something pretty good”.

David Starr

David Starr was supposed to be the one to drive, but there was a change of plan “David Starr was set to drive our (No.) 13 Whataburger Toyota, however, with NASCAR allowing Cup drivers to run in Xfinity this year and only 36 starters, we had to make a change,” MBM said in a Facebook post.

“David and I looked at the business side of our race team, realizing we needed to try to give ourselves the best option to be in the race, and then running well enough to keep the points high enough to be able to go to Mid-Ohio (Sports Car Course) and future races”.

Said missed NASCAR and looked like he couldn’t wait for his first race after a while. “I’ve raced for 35 years and when you quit, you don’t want to give it up and you realize how much you miss it,” he said.

“NASCAR is such an awesome sport. The feeling of driving a car on the edge is something that’s hard to replace." "I know I’m 58 years old, so I should just get over it and say, ‘I’m just going to play shuffleboard and stuff,’ but I can’t let go.

I don’t really know how to explain it other than I love the sport and it’s hard to give it up. “In racing, you’re only as good as your last race, so first I have to get (the car) into the show and second I need to have a good run.

If I get a good run and if it were Carl Long or somebody else, I would definitely think about it and chances are I would say yes”.