Erik Jones is going through a period of adjustment in the RPM team

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Erik Jones is going through a period of adjustment in the RPM team

Erik Jones felt a big change as he moved from one team to another. Jones decided to sign a contract with RPM after being previously part of Joe Gibbs Racing. It seems that it is not easy for Jones and that it will take time to adjust “Last year, I didn’t really think much of (not practicing), but I’d also been with that organization for a few years with the same crew chief.

So, we had a lot of notes,” Jones said, as quoted by motorsport “We’re kind of going in a little bit blind this year with a new team and a new crew chief and a new car and a new manufacturer. “Everything is a lot different.

So, having no notes has made the no practice just stand out more for me this year over last year”.

Top 10

This season is not easy at all for Jones. His team had a goal of placing in the top 10 and it seems that their goal has remained the same.

“I think we just go out every week with the hope to run a Top 10. We’ve done that a few times. I think we are probably capable of doing it a few more; we just didn’t have things really work out for us,” he said.

“So, I think we’ve kept our expectations pretty similar to what we began the year with. And that’s just going out and trying to obviously, get those Top 10’s and take advantage of the places we know we can go upfront and try to win at”.

His team had a great day in Vegas when everything went as they had imagined. Unlike Vegas, Atalanta did not have positive experiences due to poorer results. However, they seem to see their mistakes and try to correct them “We struggled at Atlanta but ran really well at Vegas.

But those were two totally different cars. So, I think we’ve changed our mindset a little bit on some of those tracks,” he said. “And, going into Kansas this weekend, we’re running a car real similar to what we had at Las Vegas, so I think that’ll be pretty good.

“But just learning and trying to get a notebook together for what works and what doesn’t – I think we’ve done a good job of that. I think it’s going to start to show here as we start to go back to more of these 1.5-mile tracks”.