Kyle Busch about his mentoring skills

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Kyle Busch about his mentoring skills

Kyle Busch has been a mentor to many drivers in the last couple of years. Now it's the turn of his son, Brexton. It will probably be a little harder for him this time. “He listens to what I say, it’s just that I’m not sure he believes in himself that he can do what I’m saying yet, which I totally understand and get,” Busch told Wednesday.

“He’s new. He’s very, very new, so that process of teaching someone who is 5 years old and just getting started and getting into it is way different than somebody that’s been racing cars for 10 or 15 years and understands a heck of a lot more about it.

I definitely expect a lot more from the KBM guys than I probably do my son at this point”.

Mentoring skills

As an experienced mentor, drivers still seek his advice, but never fully tell them what to do in a given situation.

This makes them think and figure out for themselves what they need to do at a given moment “If they come to me, certainly I give as much advice and as much help as I possibly can,” Busch said. “But there are some times I tell them flat out, ‘Look, I’m gonna hold back some information from you.

I’m gonna give you 80% of the information. I’m going to get you heading down the right path. You gotta figure out the final 20% on your own”. “I brought Erik Jones in,” Busch said. “Look, I’m one of the first guys that will tell you I absolutely hate hearing it, hate seeing that he’s not going to be with us next year”.

“It’s just a performance-based business,” Busch said. “That’s what it boils down to”. Sometimes he has to satisfy his drivers and be their support, but in some moments it is necessary to motivate them and raise the tone if he wants to achieve good results with them.

“You try to be gentle enough with him that he likes it, that it can still be fun for him,” Busch said. “But you try to be forceful enough, tell him like, ‘Hey, we gotta go faster, we gotta get better, we gotta do this and we gotta do that’ in order for him to have that competitive nature, too. There’s a balance, and we’re trying to figure all that out – him and me”.