Austin Dillon: "I used to hate the Richmond track, now it's my favorite."

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Austin Dillon: "I used to hate the Richmond track, now it's my favorite."

Austin Dillon has no such good memories of the Richmond track, given the poor results he once achieved there. Still, it seems now that Dillon has changed his mind “It was my least favorite, I will give you that. I sucked there at the beginning of my career.

I dreaded going there,” Dillon said, as quoted by motorsport “I said I wished Richmond would just not be a track anymore. Somehow, over the years, I’ve made it into a good place for us. “We had a really strong run last year there and I sped on pit road in the playoffs.

So, it was what kind of locked us into that second round, was going to Richmond and having a good run (after Darlington). “It’s like my favorite track in the world (now)”.

Last seasons vs new season

It seems that not many things have changed in his team compared to last season “We really looked at everything we did last year and didn’t change a whole lot.

But we went back over some things in the simulator, and I think it should be a good one,” Dillon said. “Obviously, starting 11th helps. We have a good pit stall and we’re just going to go after it. We need to lock ourselves into the playoffs or better ourselves in points this weekend”.

Dillon started the season pretty well and achieved a couple of good results. He is optimistic about the future and believes in the good results of his team “I think we’ve had some really good runs this year. Coming up to that (quarter) mark in the season, we’re in a good place as far as points goes,” Dillon said.

“I definitely wish I could have the finish back at the (Daytona) Road Course. But you have to move on from some of those things. “It’s a long season; there’s no perfect season. I feel like we need to keep adjusting and making our stuff better.

When the time comes where we need to be our best, we are the best. So, we just keep doing our thing. “Obviously, our car has had speed since last year and we’ve been able to maintain some of that. There are certain places where I feel like we can get better all around.

But we’re in a good spot. “There are some guys back there in points that are looked at as favorites and are just in a bad position. We’re in a better position than what we have been at this point in the season before”.