Denny Hamlin is not happy with the result after the Bristol dirt race

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Denny Hamlin is not happy with the result after the Bristol dirt race

Denny Hamlin looks disappointed after the Bristol dirt race. While Hamlin is a driver who knows how to take risks and who often knows how to surprise us with great moves, this time he didn’t do the right thing. Hamlin is also aware of this and believes he could have done much better in the end.

Joey Logano was first and Hamlin had a good chance to take his position and eventually win the race. Yet Hamlin was quick, and Logano seems to regret not doing what he should have done. “I should have just shoved him out,” Hamlin said, as quoted by racer “When I had position on the bottom, I should have just moved up and got him in the dust and got rid of him.

But I just wanted to pass him clean. I didn’t (move him), so I didn’t win”. NASCAR officials decided to cancel the race in the 170 lap due to problems with the weather and dust that bothered the drivers.


Hamlin had his chance after the final restart and tried to come to victory by going outside.

Still, that tactic didn’t pay off for him given the nature of the track at the time. Hamlin tried to take advantage of a slightly worse restart of his opponent but failed. "I had an opportunity to choose whether I was going to make a move on the high side or the low side,” Hamlin said.

“I chose high, and the track was just too slick up there at the time. He didn’t get a very good restart. I was on him entering Turn 1. That tells me if I can start beside him, then I had an opportunity there to be ahead of him getting in (Turn) 1."

“But it is what it is. We all had to adapt. We knew after halfway or so when they changed it that was going to be the rule for the rest of the race. Those are the cards we’re dealt”. Hamlin finished in third place for his attempt and failed to achieve his primary goal and that is victory.

Yet in the final standings, Hamlin is leading. He explained why his tactics had failed and what the difference was between him and Logano “Because I think me and the 22 [Logano] race differently,” Hamlin said when asked why he didn’t drive through Logano for the race win off the final restart. “I don’t have that mentality”.