Alex Bowman offers apology to Bubba Wallace following Chicago victory

“First off, like we talked earlier, I have to apologize again to the 23 guys. Just messed up.“

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Bowman offers apology to Bubba Wallace following Chicago victory
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Alex Bowman had been waiting a long time for the moment to achieve victory, as it had been 80 races since this amazing NASCAR driver last won. Alex Bowman managed to secure a victory at the Chicago Street Race. After the race, the 31-year-old decided to apologize to Bubba Wallace after turning Wallace around in Stage 2. 

Bowman decided to reflect on the events after the race, still impressed by everything. Alex focused on the 23XI team, apologizing for the move he made. The 31-year-old is also grateful to his team for providing the conditions that allowed him to achieve this result.

“Man, I don’t know, any time you got to the race track with Hendrick Motorsports you got a shot,” Bowman said, as quoted by On3.

“First off, like we talked earlier, I have to apologize again to the 23 guys. Just messed up, and trying to get my windshield wiper on, missed a corner and ruined their day. So, I hate that I’m embarrassed about it but we have a trophy to take home and I know it means a lot to this team. They put me in position to win the race.”

Bowman was not particularly optimistic a few weeks and months ago that he could find himself in such a situation, given past events. He questioned himself about whether he would be able to achieve a victory in the future. His intention is to celebrate this victory in a special way, together with everyone in the team. Bowman decided to joke, suggesting that the partying will be extreme.

“Man, I broke my back. I had a brain injury, and we’ve kinda * ever since. I didn’t, you start to second guess if you’re going to get a chance to win a race again. Last one we won we didn’t really get to celebrate… We’re going to drink so much damn bourbon tonight. It’s going to be a bad deal. I’m probably going to wake up naked on the bathroom floor again, but that’s just part of this deal sometimes.“- Bowman continued.

Bowman thanked Ally and everyone at Hendrick Motorsports, as well as everyone who played a role in this success. He didn't forget to mention Chole, who was at home with the pups. Bowman looked proud speaking after such a victory. On his face, one could feel determination, passion, and happiness.

Alex Bowman achieved the goal he had been dreaming about for a long time. He waited for weeks and months for this, but when you reach the desired goal and the throne, then nothing is impossible for you. Bowman is ready to do his best in the coming period to reach the same goal, although he is aware that he has a difficult task ahead of him. The 31-year-old has shown many times in his career that he is ready for big things, but we will see if he repeats the same scenario in the coming weeks.

Alex Bowman on Bubba Wallace's penalty

Bowman showed not only that he is a great driver but also a great person after he emphasized that NASCAR should not penalize Bubba Wallace for intentionally slamming into him after the race. Bowman believes it wasn't a serious hit, feeling that Wallace deserved such an action.

“He barely hit me, everything was fine and it was plenty deserved,” Bowman said.

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

Bowman is aware that he also made a mistake when he spun out Bubba Wallace during Stage 1. The 31-year-old is a rational person, acknowledging his error and understanding the anger and frustration Wallace feels because of it. Alex believes he would feel equally angry if he were in Wallace's position. He admitted that he messed things up for Bubba and tried to talk to Wallace and send him a message.

“I’d be mad, too. I ruined his day. I just messed up. I’ve been embarrassed about it since it happened. I tried to call him during the rain delay and I shot him a text.”-Bowman said.

We will see what moves NASCAR will make in the coming days and whether Wallace will face consequences for his actions. NASCAR is currently considering what to do regarding Wallace, and he could likely face a serious penalty. Wallace has not yet given a specific statement regarding the incident or everything that happened during the last race. Frustrations are surely mounting within him, especially since he has struggled to achieve his goals in many races this season.

Things are far from ideal for him, but we have no doubt that Wallace can emerge stronger from everything, and fix things.

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